About Us

Company at a glance

California Paint Experts is a professional painting and stuccowork company with subsidiaries located all across the great state of California. California Paint Experts is a licensed (#960066), bonded and insured company. We also offer workman’s compensation to all of our employees. California Paint Expert’s goal is to provide the highest quality painting and stucco services at the absolute lowest and most affordable costs. California Paint Experts employs a detailed preparation and production process that will ensure that our work will always exceed expectations. California Paint Experts is proud to offer interior and exterior painting, stuccowork, staining, surface restoration, and fog coating services.


California Paint Experts specializes in offering top quality home improvement services. We are extremely proud of our exterior painting services. Our employees constantly maintain a skill level can only be called professional. California Paint Experts always delivers the jobs that we are contracted to produce on time and on estimate. We have a very strict guideline that we follow on every job. We always take special care to inspect every jobsite to ensure that every detail is just the way we promised it would be. We insure all of our exterior painting crews so that if does happen while our employees are on your property you will not ever be held liable. One of our company production policies is that after the completion of our exterior painting production schedule both our jobsite manager and crew chief will inspect every detail of the work. After both of them have signed off on the quality, one of them will walk you through jobsite and explain exactly what we did. California Paint Experts strives to treat every customer like they are our only customer.


California Paint Experts also offers interior painting services that come at the most affordable costs available. California Paint Experts employs some of some of the most skilled craftsman in the whole United States. California Paint Experts is dedicated to providing excellent customer services and quality work. One of the cornerstones of our business is our painting services. We excel at creating inviting spaces for people to experience. We attempt to provide the absolute highest level of quality craftsmanship on every job that we produce. California Paint Experts employs an extremely stringent set of guidelines when producing interior painting jobs. One of our Production Consultants will visit you at your home and evaluate the areas that will be painted. He will give you an estimate for the amount of time that it will take to complete the job and the monetary cost. After these details are agreed upon, we will send one of our Interior Painting Crews to your home to begin the preparations to completely redefine your home. Preparation is the most important, and longest, step in the painting process. First, we will clean the walls that are to be painted. We hand wash every surface that we apply paint to. If any small imperfections are found we will immediately fix them. If mold is found on the surface of the wall, we will wash the wall with a special mixture of ammonia and water. After these preparatory steps, we will primer and paint the desired surfaces. After all production has been wrapped up, our crew chief and our production manager will meticulously evaluate the jobsite. Finally, we will walk you through the job, to ensure that you are pleased with the results.


A company that delivers dependable commercial painting services can be hard to find. California Paint Experts operates with the goal of providing businesses, both small and large, a dependable resource for their commercial painting needs. California Paint Pros operates with an extremely flexible schedule. We understand that you are running a business and we make every effort to accommodate that fact. Regardless of the size of your job we will paint your business when it is not open. Even if that means we have to work through the night to do so we will. We want to be a vital part of helping your business to expand and grow.


California Paint Experts works with some of California’s most experienced stucco craftsman. We are constantly reaching to improve and perfect our already state-wide reputation. We are renowned for excelling at stucco themed home improvement projects of all sizes. Our Stucco Specialists have undergone countless hours of stucco training ensure that they will be able to assist you in any way. Stucco has a naturally extremely long life. It has limited self-healing abilities. Stucco is the preferred choice of homeowners state-wide due to its prolonged lifespan. California Paint Experts aims to skillfully assist you in any stuccowork that you may require.

Lead Abatement:

California Paint Pros is one of a few home improvement service providers that is legally certified to assist you in lead-based paint removal. We have copious amounts of experience in dealing with lead abatement. The Department of Health Services has legally certified us for lead abatement and stabilization. California Paint Pros is proud to offer complete lead abatement services.
California Paint Experts is proud to offer the highest quality home improvement services. We are experienced in stuccowork, interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, lead abatement, mold abatement, drywall repair, and surface restoration. We constantly attempt to improve our craft and provide you with the best craftsmanship possible. We pride ourselves on maintaining a flexible schedule, coupled with the absolute most affordable prices. California Paint Experts offers a free estimate program. Call today at 619-816-1944