With your busy life, you don’t have time to worry about regular maintenance on your home’s paint. That’s where we, at California Paint Experts, come in. After our experts have painted your house, you can preserve the quality of the work with a comprehensive maintenance program for all your painting maintenance needs. As part of our maintenance service package, we offer:

  • Pressure Washing: Exterior washing to remove and prevent mold, mildew, fungus, wasp nests, dirt build-up, stains, etc.
  • Vegetation Trimming: Removal and trimming of unsightly or paint damaging vegetation
  • Water Damage Check: Assessment of sprinkler or hose water damage to house and water damage prevention
  • Exposed Wood Check: Assessment of wood exposure, sanding, and restoring problem areas
  • Touch-Up Painting: Fill up chips, cracks, or other naturally occurring damage
  • Stucco: Patchwork and maintenance for further deterioration prevention 

Utilizing these services can add as much as seven years to the life of your paint job! This saves you money and ensures that the quality job you ordered from us will shine on for years to come. While most of our services pertain to exterior paint jobs, our maintenance program covers your interior and will extend the life of that paint job drastically as well. Our prices are based on the SQFT of your home, but generally run about $220/year for one story homes, and $320/year for two story homes. Ask about a maintenance package during your consultation, or call us back if you change your mind after the job is completed.