Painter’s Warranty

We provide comprehensive warranties on all our projects because we want all our clients to be satisfied with their paint production for years to come. Our warranties set us apart from our competition, and provide you with the peace of mind that the quality and longevity of our work is guaranteed and protected.

California Paint Experts provides both one and three year warranties for paint productions, which are discussed during the design consultation. These warranties begin on the final day of the production, and are provided in paper form for every client to keep. We aim to make these warranties as straight-forward as possible, describing your coverage with as little confusion and fine print as we can.

It is important to note, however, that these warranties do not cover the average wear and tear from regular use, damage from the weather, or conditions brought on by negligence. Alternatively, we provide a carefree maintenance program that is often utilized when these kinds of damages are expected. Additionally used as an added form of protection regardless of expectations, this program enables you to call on us to handle minor damages and provide regular maintenance to greatly increase the life of your production. This program boosts the warranty we provide for finished projects as well, doubling whichever period of coverage you have chosen. All this is discussed during your free design consultation.

All this is provided as just one more way to ensure you that we’re the right paint company for the job. We want you to be satisfied with your production for years to come, and will work to ensure that for as long as you please.