Commitment to Quality

California Paint Experts was built on the idea that we can provide exceedingly high quality paint services for cheaper than the other guys, and at a level of quality unparalleled in our industry. We do this primarily for the benefit of our customers, but additionally because there’s something extremely unfulfilling about cutting corners and overcharging clients. We aim to run a business that we can be proud of, and do everything we can to make our clients feel the same.

This is also done as part of an effort to combat the consistently declining public image of contractors in our industry and beyond. Hard times brought on by the state of our economy have forced many contractors to practice unethical methods in order to produce extra income. This is reflected in a number of facets in these businesses, including rushed projects, unqualified/underpaid laborers, and leftover messes abandoned at the workplace. Our paint experts have seen these problems on countless projects they’ve been called to clean up after, and have thus dedicated themselves to never making our clients have to worry about them. In reaction to these problems, we have additionally committed ourselves to a simple but sincere motto: California Paint Experts are not satisfied with a project until you are.

Whether you’re looking for garage door painting, siding & trim work, or anything in between, rest assured that your project, your loved ones, and your home or business are in good hands when you choose California Paint Experts.