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We’re Californians Too!

We at California Paint Experts are, of course, dedicated and talented painters, but we’re also fellow Californians. We love this state for all that it is, and bring part of that love into the task of making a more beautiful California through the work we do.

A Little History

Admitted to statehood on September 9, 1850, California spans over 163,000 square miles, and has an astonishing 840 miles of coastline. The land has been desirable and thus contested for many years, as the exceptionally temperate and suitable climate has brought peoples to the area since it was first discovered. Passing between Native, Mexican, and Spanish hands on many occasions, vestiges of many cultures remain in land names, architecture, and more that have been left behind over the years. As pieces of history faded, many distinctions between these origins were lost, providing for a complex mesh of cultures that makes up the exceptionally diverse state we live in today. Even the name California has questionable origins, as it is widely accepted that it could have come from Spanish, Latin, South Asian, or even Aboriginal American languages. The tradition of diversity continued throughout the years, as California proved to be an exceptionally point of immigration. The diversity between these peoples springs up in modern times when viewing the varieties of art, food, neighborhoods, and more that locals bring to their areas.

Our True Home: San Diego

We got our start working in San Diego, and have come to know and love the people and the area we work most frequently in. San Diego is a hub for technology and innovation, and is particularly known for its biotechnology industry and various University programs. The city is a densely packed mecca for Southern Californians, with an estimated population of just over 1.3 million as of the 2010 US Census. As with much of California, the city is known for its Mediterranean weather climate, typically with sunny summers and rainy winters. Both the weather and the attractions provide San Diego with a large stream of tourism revenue, hosting Balboa Park, SeaWorld San Diego, Petco Park, and much more! For those that live here, however, the beaches are the main attraction, with many miles of coastline surrounded by over 100 distinct beach communities. Having known the area so well and for so long, California Paint Experts has developed its methods to adapt to the heavy sun exposure and salty ocean air typical of the area, providing lasting productions that can stand up against the elements for years to come.

Second in Command: Orange County

We know Orange County almost as well as San Diego, and have refined many of our skills and methods working in the area. Orange County is known for its plethora of tourist attractions, including the ever-famous Disneyland and much more like Knott’s Berry Farm and the Anaheim Convention Center. The residents of Orange County have thoroughly settled the area, creating decadent and gated communities packed with homes worth millions. That’s not all there is, of course, as densely packed urban communities and coastal cities spot the area as well. The sunshine and amazing surfing opportunities bring residents and visitors alike to the beaches to enjoy the wonderful weather Orange County frequently provides. Much of Orange County is just a short drive away from the attractive cityscape of Los Angeles as well, where the young and adventurous go to enjoy the bustling nightlife of the city. We’ve come to know many of the residents of Orange County through our work, and plan to continue to provide specialized services for its residents for many years.

The Newest Frontier: Northern California

Our efforts have gained us a name and a reputation in Southern California, but we’re not about to stop there! We are constantly pushing to move ever farther North as our business grows, as we push to provide painting and stucco services to anyone in Northern California who asks. Among Northern Californian cities is the ever popular San Francisco, along with part of Lake Tahoe and the state’s capital of Sacramento. The area has been a forefront at the head of the developed world, and has seen the first of the world’s largest economic, scientific, and cultural stages. This has made it an attractive area for big business, now being the primary headquarters for many massive business names like Apple, Google, Yahoo!, and eBay. As big business attracts big education, the area is also home to five large University of California schools, including the Berkeley, Davis, Merced, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz campuses. We learn new things every time we expand our painting efforts, and want to provide you with a high quality production using the exceptionally refined and meticulously detailed methods and practices we pick up along the way.

Serving Every Corner of California

California Paint Experts Inc. strives to provide the entirety of the state of California with only the highest quality in painting and stucco services, and do so quicker, cheaper, and more efficiently than our competition. CAPE and all its subdivisions are bonded, licensed, insured, and responsible for worker’s compensation for all contractors who enter our paint sites. We additionally guarantee the quality and longevity of our work with warranties spanning 1-6 years. In pushing our boundaries of service to every corner of California, we are attempting to positively affect public opinion on local contractors for the good of our industry. We want every client in every part of California to spread the good news that the contracting industry can be trusted again in light of the hard times the economy has brought upon others in our field. We aim to restore trust and good faith in painting and general contractors everywhere by running a business we can be proud of, and sticking to the principles that have gained us our positive reputation since the beginning. No matter where you are in California, CAPE has got you covered with only the best painting services the state has to offer.