Orange County

Orange County: Our Second Home

When California Paint Experts decided it was time to spread out from San Diego, we decided to head straight north on our conquest across the state of California. Our established title in San Diego did a lot for getting started out here in the OC, and we quickly built up a loyal client base for our crew. We’re proud to serve the residents of this great county with the commitment to quality and dedication to production satisfaction that we’ve promised for all our years as a painting company.

A Little History

Orange County is an exceptionally populous area of California, only second to San Diego and Los Angeles, and got its humble start as a farming and cattle ranching settlement. The proximity to the budding city of Los Angeles allowed Orange County to see exceptional growth in the early 20th century, eventually growing to adopt the most famous attraction in the area, Disneyland and its surrounding resorts. Since then, the county has seen its fair share of ups and downs, and has adapted and evolved with the ever-changing times we live in today.

Area Specific Painting and Stucco Services

Having worked on painting and stucco productions for both homes and businesses all across the county, we’ve come to understand the often harmful effects of the weather around here, and what we can do as painters to make our productions stand the test of time against these elements. The entirety of Orange County is exposed to an immense amount of sunlight over any given year; an ordinary paintjob is not enough to ensure vibrant colors that won’t fade from years in the sun. This is why we, at California Paint Experts, offer a wide variety of durable paint types and finishes to make sure you’re home or business keeps its color for full life expectancy. For homes susceptible to the salty air that comes with coastal living, we recommend an authentic Californian stucco production. Stucco is a solid long-term investment for any home in the area, and is known for its exceedingly long life expectancy against conditions inherent to almost every corner of the state.

Why Look Anywhere Else?

California Paint Experts have countless hours of experience working specifically with homes in the Orange County area, and lead the local painting and stucco industry in qualified, certified, and guaranteed quality services. The paint guys here at CAPE are friendly and talented people with the unified goal of not only providing all our clients with the quality we’ve been delivering for years, but also improving the public image of contractors in the process. Through economic recession, our industry, and that of many other types of contractors, has taken a large blow, and has succumbed to the temptation of cutting corners to squeeze out a few more dollars per production. We aim to correct this problem by setting an industry standard for others to recognize and follow. So when you’re looking for the best industry, know that you’ve already found it here with California Paint Experts.