San Diego

Where it All Began

When California Paint Experts was but a gleam in our eyes, we imagined a painting company that would conquer the industry here in California, and never settle for anything less than complete customer satisfaction. While we’re still on the path to domination, we have been able to build an amazing company with a slew of satisfied clients left in our wake. We came into this field knowing what we’d want to see from painters working for us, and have attempted to mold our company’s direction to fit that model. This is the why we have adapted, evolved, and streamlined our painting and stucco practices to provide every one of our clients with a consistently high quality production, while never leaving a job until everyone is completely satisfied. We do this exclusively for the benefit of our clients, and allow the reliability and quality of our company to speak for itself through them.

Serving the Specific Needs of San Diego

One of the most wonderful parts of San Diegan living is the immense amount of sunlight we get around here. We’ve realized, unfortunately, that this sun exposure comes at a price, however, as many paint types are simply not able to stand up to the challenge. Our paint experts know just what your home needs to fight this, though, and offer a wide selection of paint types and finishes that won’t fade from years in the light. San Diego also has to deal with the relatively unique challenges brought about by living so close to the ocean, as the salty air can wreak havoc on improperly prepared home and business exteriors. For coastal living, we almost always recommend stucco to fight this. Stucco is a durable building and painting material that is known to last for much longer than ordinary paint in these conditions. The material is signature to California and many southern states, and can be made just the way you like with a number of application techniques and finishing colors.

Providing Quality Service for All Our Neighbors

In addition to serving all our loyal clients, we are always seeking out new ones while striving to make ourselves the biggest name in paint for the county of San Diego. We have put a lot of time and effort into becoming the most qualified, certified, and eligible painting company for every painting and stucco service you could possibly have. Call today to get the quality you deserve at the price you need 619-816-1944.