At California Paint Experts, we’re proud to provide painting services for projects of any size and scope. We highlight this offering with our commercial painting clients because of the immense task that painting these large buildings can be. We commit ourselves to honest and superior quality standards, as with all the services we provide, on every commercial painting project we are called to, and utilize our streamlined painting method to ensure you receive the same superior finish we’ve become recognized for.

Our commercial paint and stucco services are competitive and comprehensive, and are offered with pride to the state of California. We often attempt to establish lasting business connections with our commercial clients because we know the continued maintenance these buildings usually require. In addition to an extensive amount of experience working on commercial properties, our qualifications set us apart as a company that understands the nature of the industry we work in. We are lead certified, mold certified, licensed, bonded, insured, and much more, and we’re here to show California what an industry-leading paint company looks like.