California Paint Experts offers an extremely wide array of painting services, including plenty that apply to exterior productions. We uphold a commitment to quality unmatched by our competitors, and have exceptionally efficient practices to match. Over the years we’ve spent in the paint and stucco contracting field, we’ve come to understand exactly what our clients expect from us. With the knowledge of this, we constantly strive to go above and beyond these expectations, and show why we’re the only name you need to know when it comes to painting services in California.

All our exterior services begin with a free on-site design consultation where we discuss the scope and specifications of your project so we can make sure you get your painting and stuccowork done right. Following this consultation, our paint experts will provide you with an estimate for the production, which lasts for two months afterwards. Given there are no major changes or remodeling during that time, our paint experts will be available to get started on your production immediately after your approval.

Our experts are trained, qualified, and certified for a wide variety of exterior painting services, including (but not limited to) fence painting, garage painting, mold abatement, lead abatement, stuccowork, and siding & trim work. We bring many years of experience and a variety of talented painting professionals onto every job site, and have the expertise and stylistic eye to help you pick out a paint job to fit your needs and desires.

The process for our paint productions obviously differs based on the specific needs for your project, but all include a meticulous eye for detail and extra special care during the preparation process. We easily dedicate at least 60% of our time and efforts towards preparation work because we know that a paint job is worthless without a proper foundation to build on. One of our many points of pride is the effort we make towards keeping a consistently open line of communication with our clients, and we encourage our clients to ask questions at any point in the production process.

Particularly, we have set ourselves apart from the competition by providing comprehensive services for lead-based paint abatement services. Our company jumped through many hoops and dedicated a lot of time and effort to gathering the knowledge and certifications necessary to safely and legally handle this toxic paint. We provide these services to any Californian who requests them, and do so with an extreme emphasis on the safety of both the client and the painters involved.

For any exterior paint or stucco production you can think of, and for any sized home, building, or other establishment, California Paint Experts is the key to satisfying your painting needs. You won’t find another company who can provide as broad a range of services as us, and you definitely won’t find any that can promise the quality and customer satisfaction that we’ve built our reputation on. Make the right choice, and give us a call at 619-816-1944.