Color Scheme

As paint industry leaders, our California Paint Experts are exceptionally knowledgeable and qualified to provide color scheme advice and suggestions. Our talented painters have an eye for color, and know how to pick just the right scheme for any type of aesthetic appeal. Most of the time, our clients have a particular color or tone in mind, which gives us really good direction in suggesting complimentary colors or making other recommendations. One of the main things considered in our color suggestions is location. Our paint experts can achieve pretty much any color imaginable, but will often shy away from colors that majorly clash with those in the rest of the surrounding neighborhood. For this reason, we strongly advocate against the use of bubblegum pink and grape purple for most every home we work on. After location has been considered, we look to the permanent features of the home, and attempt to match them. Things like roofing, special windows, and other fixtures can offset the impression of the new paint production, and are thus considered in detail before any paint decisions are made.

California Paint Experts offer complimentary design consultation services where we discuss other architectural limitations, disappearing elements, and the number of colors to be used in on the production. Architectural limitations are considered for an accurate assessment of physical opportunities and obstacles for a given production; disappearing elements, like gutters and downspouts, are considered for painting so they do not stand out against the new production; color quantity is usually suggested at three or less, but can incorporate more for larger jobs or where appropriate. This consultation service is provided to our clients free of charge as part of our commitment to quality, and to give our clients a clear scope of the paintjob before any work begins. Make the right choice, and let CAPE take care of the guesswork on your next paint job.