Fence Painting

Fences, in particular, are extremely susceptible to the effects of moisture damage and other harmful weather effects, and should be repainted every 3-5 years to maintain their structural integrity. Us here at California Paint Experts have painted fences made of a wide variety of materials, and have the expertise to implement almost any painting color and style you can imagine.

Our fence painting process begins with a complete stripping of any remaining paint, and a thorough power washing of every surface. For wood fences, our paint experts sand down surfaces for a smooth and even foundation, and fill cracks with an epoxy mixture. When dealing with metal fences, we use a special primer made specifically to fight the effects of rust formation. If rust is present before the application of this primer, we will sand them down to ensure that the present rust does not spread.

When thinking about getting your fence painted, look ahead in the weather forecast, as any precipitation can damage the lasting effects of our paint productions. You should account for the 2-3 days typically needed to finish fence painting when deciding whether the time is right for this kind of production. The length of the project is partially dependent upon the size and scope of the project, but mainly on the time needed for paint coats to dry between applications.

If you’re looking for the leaders in quality paint productions in California, however, there’s really just one clear choice. California Paint Experts boasts a wide range of qualifications, and employs only the most talented and efficient painters in your area. Don’t let your fading and eroded fence go any longer without the care it needs. Call us up to get started today 619-816-1944.