California Paint Experts is proud to serve this great state with only the best in comprehensive garage painting services. We bring a broad range of experience to the practice of garage floor painting, and are capable of anything from simple crack and stain fixing to a complete rework of your garage’s color and style. Additionally, we bring years of experience into our garage door painting services, and understand just how important it is to display a garage door you can be proud of. When you’re looking to update the look of your garage, look to the paint experts here at CAPE to get the job done right.

Garage Floor:

Our process for garage floor painting begins with an extensive cleaning of the area following removal of all obstructions such as bikes, cars, and yard equipment. While we are capable of removing some of these items ourselves, we typically ask our clients to do it themselves because of the liability involved with these pieces of personal property. After a sweep of the entire floor, a water and bleach solution is used to clean pesky stains that cannot be removed with more minor cleaning efforts. We allow the floors to dry after this cleaning, and apply a concrete mortar compound to fill in any cracks once the drying is complete. A fairly simple test is then utilized to determine if our etch technique (a cleaning process using a highly acidic substance) is required to expose pores in the floor’s surface. At this point, we usually halt our work, and wait to perform the rest of the production the following day.

We begin the following workday by applying a layer of primer that effectively seals the work area. This primer is a key element in providing the lasting quality we promise on every garage floor painting production. After waiting 8 hours for the primer to dry and settle, we apply a coat of epoxy as we approach project completion. After a much shorter drying period, we apply a second coat of epoxy for durability and sheen. The whole process typically takes two whole workdays, but may be extended due to obstacles, special requests, and the scope of the project.

Garage Door:

Most people call us up for garage door painting services as part of a complete update to their home, or as a preventative measure against rust damage. Garage door painting can be done with almost every painting style and in every color of paint that we offer throughout the rest of our painting services.

We begin garage door painting with a thorough cleaning using soap and water, and clear the area with a power sprayer. This is done to remove troublesome debris, dust, and dirt that can ruin the foundation for the following coats of paint. Once the garage door has been left to dry completely, our paint experts apply a primer specifically made to stand against the salty sea air and intense sun exposure typical to many regions of California. During your design consultation, you will have chosen either an acrylic or oil-based paint, which is applied at this time. We apply our standard two coats of this paint, allowing for 24 hours of drying time between coats. While we are confident that two coats will get the job done right, more may be requested for your specific job.