Windowsills & Panes

We bring quality to every job we produce, and have extraordinarily efficient practices for small jobs like windowsill & pane painting to get your house back in shape in a snap. Many of our clients choose to include windowsill & pane painting in their larger exterior projects, but a new paint layer on these home features alone will often provide that updated look you’ve been wanting without a full-blown exterior project. California Paint Experts follow five simple steps to get the job done right every time:

1. Colors and unique specifications for the production are decided upon during your free design consultation. Based on the size, shape, and location of the windowsills & panes to be painted, certain limitations and opportunities must be considered to gain a clear scope of the project.
2. Our paint experts begin preparation work, easily the most important part of any painting production, by scraping, sanding, and clearing windowsills & panes of all debris, dust, and dirt. Preparation work is so important because it provides a base foundation for all following layers of paint, which must be strong and flawless to ensure lasting quality.
3. Our painters then check for any cracks or impurities in the surface of the foundation, and apply caulking after the mold has been completed. If any major impurities, flaws, or mold/rot damage are found during this check, we will need the time to correct them before moving on to the next step.
4. A layer of primer is then applied, and is a hugely effective method of making the following layers of paint stick and stay. This layer acts as a barrier between the foundation and open air, keeping moisture and other harmful conditions from seeping in and causing damage in the future.
5. Finally, the paint is applied with brushes following careful application of blue painter’s tape for clean edges. We always use two coats of paint to ensure a lasting and full-bodied finish, and additional coats are available upon request.

Following this mindfully adapted and streamlined process, we deliver consistent quality on every windowsill & pane painting job we are called to. Contact CAPE today to get started on that home painting project you’ve been putting off. 619-816-1944