Paint productions on the interior of a home typically last anywhere from seven to ten years, but can be significantly reduced by rowdy children and even just careless adults. For any kind of interior paint production you can think of, California Paint Experts is there with a comprehensive range of services so you can get exactly what you had in mind.

We begin the contracting process with a free in-home design consultation to determine the size and scope of your specific project, and provide you with an estimate that remains valid for two months. Given that no major remodeling or other changes are made in that two months, we will begin production shortly after the initial paperwork has been completed. While we try to cover every aspect of the project during this consultation, we encourage our clients to come to us with any additional questions or requests throughout the various stages of their production.

As any good painter should know, preparation is the most important part of any paint or stuccowork, and is not taken lightly by our talented paint professionals. We begin by making all work area surfaces smooth and clean with a thorough scrubbing using soap and water. If mold, erosion, or other damage is discovered during this cleaning, additional steps might need to be taken to ensure a solid foundation for the rest of our work. For minor damage, however, a simple lightweight joint compound is applied to smooth out surfaces. This process is followed by an application of primer that helps provide an adhesive surface for following paint coats. A layer of glaze is then applied based on specifications discussed during the design consultation, to add a vibrant effect to the paint production. This is closely followed by our standard two coats of paint, accounting for the 24 hours needed for drying between coats.

Our interior services extend beyond the simple application of paint, as many of our clients regularly utilize our mold and lead abatement services. We have worked hard to receive our certifications for abatement services, as laws regarding the safe handling of these substances are very strict and extremely specific. We take extreme precautions for the safety of everyone involved in these productions, and can promise an unparalleled level of quality to match it. We pride ourselves on many of the good business practices and standards that have built us the reputation that we boast today, and want to deliver our high quality services to any Californian who requests them. Put your trust in the professionals here at California Paint Experts, and let us take care of every interior painting need you can think of.