The talented paint professionals here at CAPE offer a wide range of interior painting services, including our highly developed cabinet painting method. We’ve been leading the paint industry for long enough to know that a consistent process is the best bet at delivering quality to every production, and have streamlined our cabinet painting practices to make sure we deliver the same quality we have built our reputation on to every house we visit.

Our cabinet paint service begins with the removal of all cabinet panels, and we lay them down on a flat surface to begin our work. Our paint professionals then remove all extraneous cabinet features, such as handles and locks, and clean the surfaces using an all-purpose cleaner. They are then left to dry for a short time before a thorough sanding and the application of a layer of primer. The rest of the process entails a significant amount of waiting for paint materials to dry, as we must wait for the primer and the two to three coats of paint that follow it. We use a paint sprayer specifically for cabinet painting, but are more than capable of using a brush instead upon your request.