Our paint experts have the expertise and experience to provide you with the ceiling painting services you need to make any room look awesome. Using special paint tactics and techniques, we can paint any ceiling to give the room below the impression that there is much more room than there actually is. It involves particular attention to shading and color choice, and is discussed during your free design consultation.

We take the same precautions and do similar preparations for ceiling work as we do for all our services. Cleaning, sanding, minor surface repair, and blue painter’s tape all help us give you the ceiling paint job you’ve been hoping for. Our paint experts, however, need the space below free of clutter to begin their work. In respect to this, we ask that you move your various furniture and fixtures prior to our arrival. We shy away from doing this ourselves, as the liability in the movement of these objects is something we actively avoid. Alternatively, we can move these objects for you following some extra minor paperwork, and for a nominal fee.