Crown Molding

California Paint Experts provides an immensely broad selection of interior painting services, including work on crown molding. This service is most commonly included in a larger interior painting production, but is an extremely attractive service to utilize if you’re looking to update the look of your home without a full-blown interior painting project.

We follow standard painting procedures for crown molding work, starting with a thorough cleaning of the problem area followed by sanding to get the surface even and smooth. If problems are detected in the foundational material below, extra steps may need to be taken to ensure an even and lasting coat. We work closely with a number of trusted contractors who are available to handle your moldy, rotted, or otherwise damaged crown molding wood. Following this sanding, a layer of primer is applied before a first coat of paint. We wait 24 hours for the first layer of paint to dry before applying the second, and can apply additional coats upon request. Call up the painting artisans here at CAPE before your crown molding falls into even worse disrepair, costing you time and money better spent today 619-816-1944.