Door Frames

We provide an exceptionally wide array of interior painting services for the state of California, including painting and minor repairs for doorframes. This service is often paired with a larger painting project, but can be requested on its own if that is all you need. Prior to our visit, we suggest that you remove the door hinges so we can get right to work. However, we know an old trick to fully avoid the removal if you’d like us to take care of it for you. By applying a layer of Vaseline prior to painting, castoff paint can easily be removed later with a rag or cleaning cloth. In any case, we use our standard process for cleaning and sanding down all surfaces on the doorframe, and will fill any cracks with a wood putty solution for a smooth foundation. Following this, caulking is applied where necessary, the doorframe is sanded once more, and a layer of primer is applied to give the paint an adhesive on the foundation. The process is finished with the actual application of paint, which is applied in two coats, and allowed to dry for 24 hours in between applications.