Lead Abatement

California Paint Experts is proud to provide a plethora of painting and stucco services to the entire state, including exceptionally safe and legal lead abatement and replacement services. We promise this as the leader of quality paint productions for all of California, with specialized subdivisions out of both San Diego and Orange County. Our painting process is as flexible as you need it to be, and is offered at only the most competitive of prices.

With the dangers lead remediation often produces, we have to make sure every one of our workers is trained and certified to handle the problematic materials involved. If you find lead paint in your home, don’t hesitate to call in the experts to take care of the toxic chemicals affecting your home.

As with all our painting services, our free design consultation is where we will assess the damage to your home and provide an estimate for the cost of our production. We make sure you are entirely satisfied with the scope of the project first, and will begin work shortly after all terms have been agreed upon.

The legal guidelines for this kind of work are regulated by the EPA, and state that three simple steps must be followed throughout the process: contain the work area, minimize dust, and clean the house thoroughly after the work has been completed. These guidelines are carefully implemented into our general lead removal process, and are done using all proper precautions and safety gear.

For all lead abatement questions, concerns, and work requests, let California Paint Experts be your primary source. We serve all our clients with the respect and punctuality that we’d like to be treated with, and display our company morals and ideals throughout every paint production we are called to. Know that when you’ve chosen CAPE to help with the removal of your lead-based paint, that you and your home or business will be treated to the best our industry has to offer in painting services.