California Paint Experts Inc. has gathered all the necessary certifications and more to provide extremely qualified and talented painting and stucco professionals for every painting need you may have. We’re bonded, insured, and licensed (#960066) for paint contracting and all related work. Our work comes with an up to $1,000,000 insurance policy, as per an industry standard we strive to set. We are a group of professionals who go to great lengths to protect our clients from liability in the case of an accident or other incident, and do this to inspire trust and satisfaction in the work that we do. Our main Production Manager has, among a plethora of other qualifications, lead certification through the National Econ Corporation (1899 S. Santa Cruz Drive, Anaheim, CA 92805). This certification allows us, as a company, to perform projects on lead ridden surfaces, and to safely handle and dispose of this lead according to both legal and industrial standards. Don’t let the lead paint in your home get any worse than it already is. Call up the highly skilled and qualified painters of CAPE to handle the job.