We hear from our clients again and again that trustworthiness is one of the first things they look for when they bring contractors of any kind into their homes. The unfortunate bit is that many of these clients learned that lesson the hard way before bringing the paint professionals of California Paint Experts in to get the job done right. Our painters are dedicated to your peace of mind, and do everything in their power to instill a sense of trust and quality before, during, and following all of our productions. Our years of experience and extensive qualifications speak for themselves when our clients first find us, and we actively reflect our company values through the work that we do and the final product we leave behind.

Our home painters are selected for showing talent in the residential painting industry, and go through a year of exterior painting training before they are allowed to work on interior projects. In this time, our new painters gather the skills needed for interior work, and develop an understanding of our meticulously developed practices before they are allowed to represent CAPE in full. By the end of the first year, we trust them to apply a wide variety of paint styles and techniques, and to give helpful aesthetic and design advice.

While our painters are available for design advice during any step of the process, most of it is discussed during our free design consultation. During this time, one or more of our extensively knowledgeable painters will discuss the opportunities and obstacles provided by your specific job, and help you decide on the final production you’ve been imagining. Call today to get started 619-816-1944.