We provide an absolutely free design consultation and estimate for all clients, available by phone, online, or in person. One of our paint experts will guide you through all of the design decisions that need to be made for your unique project, discussing paint types, textures, colors, and any other special requests or specifications for your production. Our services are available for people with all types of budgets, and we’re willing to work with you to get the price you want for the production you need. When we make our initial estimate, keep in mind that the offer only lasts two months and may be void if there are significant changes or additions to the project area in that time. The industry standard of a 10% security deposit is required at the beginning of any production, and is the only payment necessary until the completion of our work. Our painters are dedicated to quickly completing the work they are enlisted for, and commit themselves on a full time schedule when the production begins. We do all this while implementing our exceptionally streamlined paint production process to ensure that every one of our clients receives the same high quality paintwork that we have built our reputation on. Call today to get started! (619) 816-1944