The professionals of California Paint Experts have been working on stucco projects since day one, and have developed the skills and knowledge base to tackle any sized stucco production you can throw at them. We offer the typical new application, re-stucco, and stucco removal services available for these kinds of projects, but are able to accommodate and suggest a plethora of special requests so you can get exactly what you had in mind.

Stucco is a great choice for homes in many parts of California because it combats typically damaging weather conditions us Californians experience. Unlike regular paint, stucco does not fade, peel, or chip from the sun’s intensity. Additionally, stucco is not at all affected by salty air that washes in from the Pacific Ocean. Stucco usually lasts much longer than the average paint job can, and provides a layer of physical protection from dents, dings, and bumps.

Because of the application process for stucco, however, the finish can become dislodged or cracked over time, and will need repair or replacement for full restoration. California Paint Experts have dealt with many of these projects before, and can usually save you time and money by simply repairing the stucco instead of a full removal and replacement. Stucco patching is a relatively easy process, but cannot be guaranteed to last if the damage is too extensive.

A new application of stucco is always an exciting process, and will drastically change the look of any building. Working from scratch on stucco projects is our specialty here at CAPE, as we can guarantee an extremely highly quality and lasting production when we get to start with the foundation. While patching and repair for stucco will often provide an already impressive lifespan, we can promise a solid 15-20 year life on a stucco project we start from the bottom up.

Don’t look anywhere else when you need high quality stucco services done in a hurry and with a smile. Our stucco contracting specialists can provide any and every stucco service imaginable, and will finish it any number of color and texture combinations. Call today to get started on the stucco project you’ve been dreaming about.