New Application

When you’ve decided to drastically change the look of your home or business with a new stucco application, there’s really just on clear choice for California stucco contractors. Let us here at California Paint Experts take care of your stucco production knowing that our commitment to quality and reputation for lasting results are the best in the business.

Our process for new stucco productions begins with an extreme eye for detail when laying the foundation. As preparation is the most essential part of any paint or stucco production, we take exceptional care in making sure the foundational lath (a material resembling chicken wire) is applied properly. This is then covered with a rip screen before a coat of scratch is applied so the stucco has something to stick to. This coat needs a little time to dry, and is followed by the first layer of actual stucco material. We apply the industry standard two coats of stucco, and allow 24 hours for the stucco to dry between layers. These coats of stucco are typically a blank color tone, and make up the foundation that can be finished in a number of ways. The specifications for color, style, and other stucco details are implemented during the second layer and the spray process that follows, having been discussed prior to production during your free design consultation. The length of the project is determined in part by the size and scope of the work to be completed, but revolves mostly around the time necessary for the various layers to complete their drying cycles.