Choosing to re-stucco your home is one of the best moves you can make to ensure the longest possible life on any stucco production. Re-stucco services are only possible, however, if the damage to the stucco is still minor. If the damage proves to be too extensive, as determined during your free design consultation, a complete removal and replacement may be your only option. Because of this, it is never a good idea to put off a re-stucco project when it is needed, as this can mean the difference between a cheap and easy patching job and a new full-blown stucco production. While stucco, unlike regular paint, is built to be resistant to the effects of typical Californian conditions like salty sea air and intense sun exposure, these elements still take a toll on exterior stucco, and will slowly erode the stucco into complete disrepair if not treated properly.

When considering a re-stucco project, your best bet is always the paint and stucco professionals here at California Paint Experts. We bring years of experience and intricately developed stucco practices to deliver our clients with only the best stucco productions the state of California has to offer.

Our re-stucco process begins with a power washing for all problem areas, followed by scraping off any excess or loose material. To ensure a solid foundation for the new application of stucco, we let the problem areas dry for 24 hours before applying a layer of muddy material to smooth out the old stucco. This muddy material is composed of cement, sand, and glue, and is applied in two layers or more with another 24 hours of drying time after each application. We usually put three or four of our paint experts on this job, dependent on the size of the project. Make the right decision for your eroded stucco, and let California Paint Experts massively extend the life of your home or business’s stucco finish.