Stucco removal is just one of the many services that California Paint Experts offers for both residential and commercial properties. We offer stucco removal services with the warranty that is standard to all our painting services, and, of course, uphold our expansive commitment to quality. We are a company that aims to work with our customers rather than for them, and we display this through many complimentary services and various features of our work practices.

Stucco removal is a fairly infrequent necessity for stucco productions, as most stucco can last anywhere from 15-30 years based on weather conditions and quality of regular care. We offer stucco removal for any client who requests it, but may suggest a cheaper and simpler stucco patching service if the damage is still minor. If you’re looking for a brand new stucco production or a replacement of your old stucco with new paint, then removal is definitely the way to go.

This stucco service is offered with a free design consultation, in which our paint experts will discuss the specifications of your stucco production. During this consultation is when you should bring up any requests concerning dates for production, colors, styles, or anything else our painters should know ahead of time. Our painters dedicate themselves full-time to new jobs, and will always schedule your job as soon after this consultation as possible.

Our stucco removal process has been developed over many years of practice, and utilizes a number of methods to make sure we get every single piece of stucco removed. We begin by scouring the entire surface, and proceed to remove any large chunks that can be pulled off by hand. Then we go in with a masonry chisel, and carefully chip away at problem areas, so as not to damage the foundation below. The majority of the removal is completed when we break out the wire brush and metal scraper to delicately remove the remaining stucco. The final step is to clean and smooth the whole surface, which prepares it for any stucco re-application or paint production you may have requested.

We, as a company, are dedicated to providing these painting and stucco services to any and every Californian, and do so with the commitment to quality and diligence for customer satisfaction that have built us the reputation we boast today. Try the other guys first if you must, but come to California Paint Experts when you’re ready to get your next paint or stucco production done right.